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Mia Lilith

After a breakdown in her personal life, Acid Hazel reborns as a Mia Lilith.
Under this new artistic name, she feels the need of entering into a
period of introspection and experimentation mixing various art disciplines and
including several natural elements.

Her work reflect a direct relation of the cycle of life and death.
Each piece possesses bits of the life lived, that teetering a duality game of: preservation and destruction, order and chaos, light and darkness, expose and cover.

In short, what resurfaces and remains forever.


Lives and works in Berlin  · b. 1989 Zaragoza
Bachelor of Arts and graphic Design , Esne University School of Design,
Innovation and Technology, Madrid, 2007 -10


2019 - Reborn, Lite-Haus Gallery, Berlin


2021 - HUSH: Bterliner Club Culture in a Time of Silence (book), Berlin
2017 - After a deep sleep {Issue 01}, Spectral Magazine, Barcelona - London

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